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HCOP Featured on CSUF News!

HCOP Featured on CSUF News!

Cal State Fullerton interviewed Sora Tanjasiri, our co-program director, about our new grant:

“In minority communities, the need (for allied health professionals) is particularly high as there may also be language and cultural barriers,” Tanjasiri explained. “Many Latinos, Pacific Islanders and Southeast Asians feel more comfortable talking to someone who speaks their language, understands some of the cultural sensitivities, and can address problems that might be specific to their particular cultures, such as a reluctance to disclose emotional issues or discuss family problems. These groups are among the fastest growing in Orange County, which is already a majority-minority area.”

Read the rest of the featured article here.

Website Launch

We’re excited to launch our website for our brand new program! Please look around to learn more about what the academy is, what we do, who we are, and how you can get involved!


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