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Conference Presentations

  1. American Public Health Association 2017 (2017 Presentation | 2017 Handout) – “Advantages of Identity-Conscious Workforce Development: An Intersectional Approach to Improving Health and Educational Equity” (poster presentation for the Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus)
  2. American Public Health Association 2018 (2018 Presentation | 2018 Handout) – “Workforce Readiness through the Pipeline: A Community-led Partnership to Address Social Determinants of Health” (oral presentation for the Academic & Practice Linkages in Public Health Caucus)
  3. National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Western Regional 2018 – “Bringing it Back Home – New Pathways for Community Cultural Wealth” (oral presentation on the overall pipeline)
  4. National Association of Student Personnel Administrators 2019 – “Strategies for preparing low-income, first-generation college students for graduate school success” (oral presentation on the pre-matriculation program)
  5. Western Association of Advisors for the Health Professions 2019 – “An Exploration of Health and Allied Health Professions Online Course: The Sustainable Outcome of a Health Careers Pipeline Grant” (oral presentation on HESC 202)
  6. Council for the Study of Community Colleges 2019 - “Summer Bridge Program for Allied Health Community College Students” (roundtable on the summer bridge)”




Watch our Prezi presentation to learn why we need more diverse health professionals, hear from students pursuing graduate programs in allied health, and what the Allied Health Academy has to offer.




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