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Rehabilitation Therapy

Calli Jackson,
Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Western University of Health Sciences

Calli Jackson

Who are you?
My name is Calli Jackson. I am a 24-year old female from Portland, OR, and I am a current Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Western University of Health Sciences. I received my undergraduate degree from Azusa Pacific University, while participating in collegiate sports.

What field are you in and what attracted you to that field?
The field that I am entering into is Physical Therapy. I chose this field because I wanted to be in a health care profession that was both personal and active. Physical Therapy allows you to participate in your patients’ recovery by embarking on the journey alongside them.

How do you hope to use your master’s degree to improve the health of your community?
I actively volunteer in health fairs and events in my local community to educate people about health and wellness as well as inform them about what the physical therapy profession entails. I believe it is essential to provide services in the community in which one lives, in order to demonstrate the care that people deserve. Who knows the needs of your community better than you? I would argue that it is essential for minorities to become more involved in the health care profession in order to better serve our community. We as humans, feel more comfortable and more willing to share our story with people who can understand and relate to our story. We must take this responsibility upon ourselves in order to better serve our community.

What is a resource or advice you wish you had before starting your doctoral program?
Before starting this program, I would have loved to participate in an online chat or forum that would have allowed me to reach out to current students to provide me with advice or any answers to my urging questions. I do believe it is important to hear from students who understand the journey of becoming a health care professional, and can relate to your story!

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